About Lilybird

As most native New Englanders will swear, iced coffee isn't a season, but a commitment made 365 days a year. Lilybird delivers cherry-picked specialty coffees precisely brewed in small batches. We are committed to the balance of iced coffee that brings out unique flavor profiles cultivated from around the world and freshly roasted for the most consistent quality.

Our goal is to make getting out the door less hectic - weekday morning meetings more bearable -  midday coffee breaks more accessible - & weekend plans easier to make. 

 Where does iced coffee take you?

  • WFH or in the office 
  • Weekday commute
  • Employee or client appreciation gifts
  • Neighborhood dog walks and meet ups
  • Hiking ventures
  • Pre-Ski days
  • Camping weekend
  • Beach days
  • Moms group
  • Afternoon walk
  • Road trip
  • Park picnics
About Lilybird 
Lilybird is named after my Mom's childhood nickname. I couldn't think of a more a noble way to appreciate the woman that she is - and that she has believed in me to be. Lilybird's aim is to model the authenticity of her ability to find joy, perseverance, and unrelenting love. We aspire to the verses of Matthew 5:13-16, and we are devoted to uplifting one another because coffee isn't possible without surrounding relationships and community. Lilybird Coffee is about sharing the light of those relationships. It is, in essence, the enthusiasm of a community coming together - because we all need a coffee break.
*Logo and design work artfully created by RebLetters *


Hi! I'm Annie
 For the better part of two decades, I've been working diligently on my professional development. The passion for starting a family business ran linear to any of these achievements and we have spent years engaged in the manifestation of this goal. Mom gave me the momentum to take this fledgling out of the nest - like only the beloveds in our lives can do. Bringing meaningful enthusiasm to the craft is what I love the most about any position, I've heard it called "work as a performance". Here is my intention: to amplify the stories that make time spent over coffee a delight. 
A note: Always drink ice coffee - it's less dangerous.